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A Book Series By Laurie Eden

Tater Tot

And Shadow

Get ready for an exhilarating journey with the beloved duo in the captivating book series, starring two adventurous rescue chihuahuas, Tater Tot and Shadow. These heartwarming tales inspire the inner wanderlust in dog lovers of all ages, urging them to trade their cozy sofa for an adventure-filled road trip. Join Tater Tot and Shadow as they eagerly explore exciting destinations across the United States. From the lively music scene of Austin, Texas, to the luxurious poolside relaxation in Palm Springs, California, and the welcoming charm of Charleston, South Carolina, these furry companions are your guides to unforgettable adventures. The whimsical, full-color pages of the series burst with charming illustrations, lively scenarios, and a showcase of the nation's top vacation spots, making it a delightful read for travelers and dog enthusiasts alike. More than just a fun-filled journey, Tater Tot and Shadow advocate for rescue dog adoption, encouraging everyone to make a difference by adopting furry friends from local shelters. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and experience the joy of dog-friendly travel with these fuzzy tourists who are sure to inspire your next escapade alongside your best furry friend!

ABout the series

Follow Tater Tot and Shadow's adventure in Charleston as they meet up with their friend Gidget to help her find her lost pineapple. This fun story showcases all the charm Charleston has to offer.

tater tot and shadow charmed by charleston